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Artemis Savory

Your Writing Coach

I am a writer who helps other writers succeed. For 15+ years I’ve been studying writing, from creative writing, to journalism, to creative nonfiction. I have the literary knowledge of an MA in English, and the experience of helping hundreds of writers write, revise, and refine their work. Want to turn your story into a masterpiece? Want to learn more about your own deeper goals about writing? Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation here. 

Your Publishing Guide

I’ll walk you through your publishing options after we’ve discussed your writing goals. I’ve gone through the submitting and pitching process and you’ll find my work in local (Merrimack Valley Magazine), national (ROVA Magazine), international (ArtDependenc Magazine) and digital (Lunch Ticket and Hinchas de Poesia) outlets. 

I don’t count my rejections like some writers do (I don’t need to know the stats of my failures), but I am no stranger to rejection, and I will guide you through this challenging and rewarding process. I’ll be your guide, your sounding board, and the voice that reminds you why you should keep trying, or that it’s time to give up, depending on your goals.

Your Marketing Strategist

Marketing is getting your work out in front of the folks who want to read it. There are so many ways to do this–through social media marketing, Google ads, podcasts, and TikTok–but what way works best for your audience and for you?

That’s where I can help. We’ll make a plan that targets your readers and doesn’t drive you crazy. Marketing takes time, but with a good plan and time-saving processes, it can be bearable. Some of those time-savers may be apps, schedulers or a virtual assistant (depending on your needs). 

And we’ll focus on the important things, like your best readers, the ones who cheer you on and read everything you write. Because your readers are out there, and I will help you reach them.